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Our company transports small parcels on the same day to and from all the cities and villages of our prefecture, as well as to and from all districts in Greece where we execute itineraries, namely:

The fee is determined by the Ministry of transportation and Communications and it results from the km/kg rate in force.
Our company does not undertake to transport

•    Unaccompanied parcels valued at over 15€.
•    Unaccompanied parcels with a particularly fragile content.
•    Unaccompanied parcels containing liquids (oils, juices, etc.) the packaging of which cannot guarantee their safe transportation without any risk of leak.
•    Unaccompanied parcels containing insects, reptiles.
•    Unaccompanied parcels containing matters that can cause an explosion.

Our company cannot be held liable for the eventual destruction of the content of parcel due to its bad packaging.

Our company is not under the obligation to notify the receiver of the reception of the parcel.

You are kindly requested to pick up the unaccompanied parcel immediately.

Our company cannot be held liable for parcels that have not been claimed for a period of 2 months from the date of reception; we consider them to be unclaimed and dispose of them as waste.

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