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ARETHOUSA TOURS, a subsidiary of KTEL N. Evias, is one of the most renowned tourist agencies on the island. Since its establishment in 1997, and to the present date, it has organizes trips and visited various destinations on a national but also on an international level, offering memories of relaxation, joy and optimism to the travelers. Arethousa Tours is characterized by its consistency and good organization which have become its point of reference as well as its clause of guarantee vis-à-vis all travelers.

It has a fleet of 8 state-of-the-art and safe buses, and it employs excellent and experienced drivers, therefore, the company is in position to guarantee your smooth travel to the selected destination you have always wished to visit. Furthermore, the company offers its coach services for excursions organized by schools and associations, as well as for sports clubs, etc. Furthermore, it specializes in individual travels in Greece and abroad, suggesting the most beneficial air and sea transportation tickets. With the reliability seal offered by Arethousa tours, we wish you a pleasant and unforgettable trip; you see, dreams do not come true in your sleep but when you chase them during the day!

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